Reservations, the Cat and Dog Comedy, a short stage play

Trixie (Cameron Toney) a streetwise cat meets Rover (Trent Beeby) on a blind date Rover expects to meet a poodle, not a cat. Trixie attempts to persuades Rover how much they have in common. A know-it-all waiter (Scott Schwerdtfeger) adds to the fun. Written and directed by Kristine Mietzner

More about the play

“Reservations” premiered at the Winters Community Theater’s Play Festival in 2020.

YouTube and Vimeo

A video of the performance is posted on Youtube and Vimeo.

Community Theaters

The script for “Reservations” is available at no cost to non-profit community theaters with written permission from Kristine Mietzner.


Kristine can be reached at kristinemietzner1 at gmail dot com .